HPS Develops New Series of Economical Commercial Potted Transformers

Posted: Jun 25,2009

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GUELPH, Ontario (June 25, 2009) — Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), the leading manufacturer of dry-type electrical transformers in North America, has developed a cost-effective general purpose encapsulated transformer line for commercial applications. Designated the HPS FortressTM, these transformers feature a NEMA 3R rated enclosure, encapsulated with electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds that completely enclose the core and coil to seal out moisture and airborne contaminants while eliminating corrosion and deterioration. The HPS Fortress design also meets ANSI standards for indoor and outdoor applications, making it ideal for schools, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and office buildings.

Featuring a light, compact and efficient design that enables easy installation via key hole mounting slots and is supplied with an easy to follow mounting template, HPS Fortress transformers have rear and side entry conduit knockouts for easy access into the roomy wiring compartment.

“Built upon our existing innovative transformer technology, the HPS Fortress is an encapsulated transformer product family that enables us to address a new market and fulfill customer requests for an economic general purpose encapsulated transformer,” said Ken Hermann, HPS Marketing Manager. “By developing this encapsulated design, we are able to meet the requirements of the market at a more economical price than more fully featured industrial designs.”

The HPS Fortress transformers are available in nine standard single-phase and eight standard three-phase voltage groups. The single-phase designs are available from 50VA to 37.5kVA and feature a standard shield for units 750VA and up. Wall mounting is standard on units up to 25kVA and is available for 37.5kVA units.

The three-phase designs are available from 2kVA to 75kVA and feature a standard shield on all units. Wall mounting is standard for units up to 9kVA and optional for the 15kVA, 30kVA and 45kVA units.

As with all HPS transformer products, the HPS Fortress is available in custom voltages, frequency, shielding and mounting options to meet application requirements.

HPS transformers are comprised of the highest quality cores that contain non-aging fully processed silicon steel laminations precision cut to close tolerances to eliminate burrs and interleaved to improve performance. Coils are precision wound to ensure electrical balance to minimize axial short-circuit forces. HPS utilizes superior insulation materials that meet UL standards to maximize temperature ratings. All HPS transformers are tested to ensure product quality and reliability.