Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

HPS proudly offers a variety of transformer types and energy efficiency levels to meet your most demanding applications. Regardless of your global location we have a transformer that fits your application needs, designed, tested and certified accordingly.

HPS Sentinel™ Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

Our Sentinel (G, K, H) product lines meet North American Efficiency Standards: U.S. – DOE 10 CFR Part 431 (DOE 2016); Canada – SOR/2018-201, Amd. 14 (NRCan 2019) & ON Reg. 404/12; Mexico - NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021

Sentinel G Low Voltage Distribution transformer 

General Purpose Transformers

HPS Sentinel™ G

These transformers are generally used for supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.

K-Factor Energy Efficient Dist 

K-Factor Rated Transformers

HPS Sentinel™ K

Specifically designed and tested for applications that use non-linear loads.

Harmonic Mitigating Energy Efficient 

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

HPS Sentinel™ H

Superior to K-rated and conventional transformers in reducing voltage distortion and power losses due to current harmonics created by single-phase, non-linear loads.

HPS Solar Duty Transformers 

Solar Duty Transformers

HPS Sentinel™ Solar Duty

Designed for applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between the solar generation system and the utility service.

We can also provide low voltage distribution transformers for your applications that do not require a high energy efficiency level, used on exempt applications or for export.

Encapsulated Distribution Transformers

HPS offers two unique Encapsulated Distribution Transformer lines, HPS Titan for hazardous locations and HPS Fortress for commercial applications.

View a full comparison of HPS encapsulated solutions here.

Encapsulated Transformer for Harsh Environments 

Encapsulated Transformers for Harsh Environments – 3ph Current

HPS Titan™ Series

With the transformer core and coil completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica, these offer an innovative design for industrial and hazardous applications.
Encapsulated Transformer for Harsh Environments Legacy 

Encapsulated Transformers for Harsh Environments – 1ph, 3ph Legacy

HPS Titan™

Designed to operate in harsh environments and hazardous locations where gases, liquids, or dust could lead to serious consequences.
Single and three phase encapsulated transformers 

Encapsulated Transformers for Commercial Applications

HPS Fortress™

A cost-effective solution for commercial applications that prioritizes safety, quality and ease of installation and maintenance.
Three phase encapsulated transformer 

Encapsulated Transformers for Commercial Applications - 3ph legacy

HPS Fortress™

An ideal solution for commercial applications where quality, ease of installation, and low cost are key.

Other Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

Buck Boost Transformer grey enclosure 

Buck Boost Transformers

HPS Universal™ Series

An economical way to both raise supply voltage caused by line drop or lower voltage caused by increased system voltages.
Three Phase Autotransformers 

Three-Phase Autotransformers from 3 kVA to 500 kVA

HPS Autotransformers

Designed for applications where voltage isolation is not necessary, but some level of voltage adjustment is required.

Low Voltage Distribution Resources

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions area of the website for answers on step-up applications.