Energizing Our World

HPS offers an extensive line of standard products for a broad range of markets. HPS also designs and manufactures unique specialty and custom transformer and power quality products when transformer requirements go beyond the usual. 

Commercial Infrastructure

With growing urban infrastructure comes a greater demand for efficient, dependable power. HPS concentrates on providing customers with quality power as aging structures are updated to meet commercial and institutional requirements.

Data Centers

Data centers need reliability in their power. HPS offers a full line of products to ensure consistent power quality, reduce harmonic distortion and improve power efficiency in your data center.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is an emerging market directly tied into areas that are experiencing wide scale investments including renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, distributed power and power grid resiliency.

EV Charging

Transformers are used to power electric vehicle charging stations. Several considerations need to be made when integrating transformers and electric vehicle chargers.

Healthcare Facilities

Properly managed electrical systems can reduce downtime and extend the life of valuable hospital equipment. HPS offers many products to help manage the electrical requirements of healthcare facilities.

Marine Duty Applications

Marine duty applications range from fishing fleet vessels, petroleum production platforms to the world’s largest freight and passenger vessels. HPS offers the broadest variety of transformer and reactor solutions for the difficult applications found in the marine market.


For electrification, the world is trending towards solutions that are more decentralized with a reduced carbon footprint which are automatically controlled. Users need power systems that are more reliable, resilient and sustainable.


The environmental conditions found in mining applications include extreme heat, cold, dust, and varying altitudes. HPS provides a selection of transformers including encapsulated and cast resin transformers that are designed for harsh environments.

Petro-Chemical Applications

HPS offers the broadest variety of transformer, reactor and power quality solutions for the difficult applications found in the oil and gas market.

Power Quality

Nearly all important processes and systems in the world run on electricity. The quality of the electricity is important to maintain critical operations, protect expensive equipment and provide inexpensive power.

Power Grid Infrastructure

In traditional and emerging power generation and distribution methods it is important to build resiliency into every system. HPS offers a diverse range of products suited to the evolving power grid market which includes products suitable for renewable power, micro-grids and energy storage applications.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy generation market has grown remarkably in the past decade, and it is an expanding part of HPS’s product development focus. The renewable energy market involves solar and wind power as well as geothermal generation.