HPS Academy

HPS Academy online training center allows you to learn about HPS magnetic products, features & benefits, and how HPS products can solve many application challenges, plus much more. The mobile optimized site allows you to participate in training modules at any time from anywhere and best of all it’s free!

  • Over 50 courses to choose from
  • Basic & Intermediate levels
  • Accompanying quizzes
  • Supporting materials 
  • HPS Certificates (New) : HPS certificates are available for a variety of courses tailored towards distributors, contractors, and anyone wanting to learn more about specific transformer types and technologies
  • BlueBuck Rewards (New) : For every passed course you will receive $1 BlueBuck that you can accumulate in your personal online account that can be redeemed towards a selection of gift cards directly through the HPS Academy site 

Learn all about our new features by downloading the HPS Academy Flyer

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