Power Grid Infrastructure

As our cities and industries grow, so does our dependence on the reliability of the electrical infrastructure. In traditional and emerging power generation and distribution methods it is important to build resiliency into every system. HPS offers a diverse range of products suited to the evolving power grid market which includes products suitable for renewable power, micro-grids and energy storage applications.

Power Grid Diagram highlighting HPS products

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HPS Products for Power Grid Infrastructure

Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers for Power Grid Infrastructure

HPS Millennium™ E – VPI Up to 35kV Class

HPS Millennium™ E medium voltage transformers have three phase ratings up to 15 MVA, 34.5 kV, 175 kV BIL and single phase to 5 MVA. These units are suitable for variety of indoor and outdoor environmental conditions and are built to meet the most onerous duty requirements found in power grid applications.

VPI Medium Voltage Transformer 46kV

HPS Millennium™ C - VPI Up to 46kV Class

With three phase ratings up to 34 MVA, 46 kV Class, 250 kV BIL and single phase to 5 MVA, the HPS Millennium C line features the newest technology and manufacturing processes. HPS dry-type units can be located indoors or outdoors and are suitable for a variety of adverse environmental conditions.

Cast Resin Medium Voltage

HPS EnduraCoil™ E - Cast Resin

HPS EnduraCoil™ encapsulated cast resin windings are durable for the most demanding power grid applications. Coils are formed with mineral-filled epoxy, reinforced with fiberglass and cast to provide complete, void-free resin impregnation throughout the entire insulation system.

Low Voltage Distribution Transformers for Power Grid Infrastructure


HPS Sentinel™ G – General Purpose Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

HPS Sentinel™ G general purpose distribution transformers are rated for 600 volts and below. They have an ideal combination of features, quality, reliability and performance to provide the most cost effective solution for power grid applications.

Other Transformers for Power Grid Infrastructure

Drive Isolation Low Efficiency

Grounding transformers

HPS grounding transformers provide a low impedance path to ground to keep the system’s neutral at or near ground level. This provides several benefits including providing a ground fault path during line-to-ground faults, limiting the size of transient voltages and allowing the connection of phase to neutral loads.

HPS Resources for Power Grid Infrastructure

HPS Renewable Energy Brochure

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) offers the broadest variety of transformer and reactor solutions for the difficult applications found in the renewable energy market.

HPS Medium Voltage FAQs

Explore the frequently asked questions about HPS medium voltage distribution transformers.