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HPS Centurion™ S

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HPS Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filters are a robust solution to condition the pulse width modulated (PWM) output of a variable frequency drive (VFD) into a nearly perfect sinusoidal waveform. Applications with long cable lengths between the motor and the VFD may encounter elevated currents and voltage spikes which can damage or destroy the motor. The HPS Centurion S effectively filters out high-frequency components, mitigating both common mode and differential mode noise. The result is enhanced protection for the motor and feeder cable insulation systems as well as reduced wear on the motor bearings.

The advanced filter design uses an LC topology that provides superior performance and higher attenuation over wider VFD output switching frequency range while still maintaining a low THDv value.

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Example Installation

Line diagram of typical installation from utility grid to motor

Throughout the development of our SineWave motor protection filter, HPS has been validating performance through a real system installation.

The measurements were taken on the input of the motor terminal with & without the SineWave filter. The measured data points were used to show the voltage waveforms and Total Harmonic Distortion (Voltage).

Typical motor voltages with and without SineWave motor protection filter

Motor Voltage
No Filter

Motor Voltage Graph with no filter

Motor Voltage
With SineWave Filter

Motor Voltage Sine wave graph

Typical THDv Values with different loading and Inverter Switching Frequency

Line Graph of SineWave filter performance

  • System Voltage Rating: 380V - 480V or 600V (consult HPS for other voltage requirements)
  • Current Rating: 9A to 600A
  • Harmonic Voltage Distortion: Maximum 5%
  • Inverter Switching Frequency (Carrier Frequency): 2kHz to 8kHz
  • Inverter Operating Frequency (Output Frequency): Maximum 90Hz
  • Insertion Loss (Voltage Drop): Maximum 5%
  • Maximum Cable Length (Motor): Up to 15,000 feet (4572 meters)
  • Insulation System: 115°C rise (180°C insulation) up to 16A, 130°C rise (220°C insulation) above 16A
  • Approvals: cULus Listed
  • Enclosure Style: Open Style or Type 3R
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