Herramientas HPS

HPS offers many different tools to assist you in the selection of a HPS Transformer:

HPS E-Quotes Lite

HPS E-Quotes Lite gives you the ability to configure a HPS part number based on product attributes. You can also enter the part number from any transformer or reactor manufacturer to view the comparable HPS product specifications, drawings, and manuals. Visit Site

HPS Transformer Savings Analyzer 

Calculate the benefits of using a HPS Energy Efficient Transformer. Benefits from energy reduction include both financial and environmental aspects.

Learn more. Visit Site

Current Calculator

Calculates the Amps, Volts, or kVA of a transformer. Visit Site

Buck-Boost Selector

This tool will select the HPS Universal Buck-Boost Transformer part number that best meets your application requirements. Visit Site

TruWave Sizing Estimator

Calculates the application estimated total harmonic distortion and required active harmonic filter size. Download the Excel file.

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