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HPS Centurion™ P

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HPS Passive Filter

HPS Centurion™ P passive harmonic filter is specifically engineered to mitigate harmonic currents created by non-linear loads. It is currently available from 5 to 500 horsepower and it improves power quality by simultaneously reducing harmonics and improving true power factor. The advanced HPS design delivers superior performance compared to a traditional harmonic filter by reducing harmonic current distortion to less than 5%, corrects true power factor to over 95%, and meets IEEE 519 harmonic requirements.

HPS Centurion P consists of reactors and capacitors in an LCL arrangement designed to reduce a broad range of harmonics associated with variable frequency drives and other three phase rectifiers.

Example Installation

Power Measurements for passive filter 

Throughout of the development of our passive harmonic filter, HPS has been validating performance through a real system installation.

The measurements were taken on the input of the passive harmonic filter and on the input of a variable frequency drive without the passive harmonic filter. The actual measured data points were used to show the current distortion as well as the harmonic spectrum:

Line Current Graph 

Typical Harmonic Distortion Bar Graph

HPS has the ability to do Power Quality simulations. Contact us to learn more.

  • Voltage Rating: 480VAC or 600VAC +/-10%
  • Input Power Rating: 480VAC: 8 – 632A (5-500HP); 600VAC: 6-505A (5-500HP)
  • Harmonic Attenuation:
    • Total Current Distortion (THDi): <5% @ full load; <8% @30% load
    • Total Voltage Distortion (THDv): <2%
  • Harmonic Mitigation: 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, etc. (major 6-pulse rectifier harmonics)
  • Efficiency: No less than 99% at full load
  • Typical Power Factor: >95%
  • Overload Capability: 150% of rated current for 1 minute
  • Enclosure Type: Open or Type 3R
  • Approval: cUL Listed (E61431)
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