Encapsulated Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Elevate your operations with HPS encapsulated distribution transformers, available in two distinct lines for commercial and industrial applications. Designed for environments prone to airborne contaminants and moisture, our transformers safeguard internal components, significantly reducing the risk of operational interruptions.

Both industrial and commercial lines are available in single phase and three phase units.

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Each three phase unit is enclosed in a robust Type 4 enclosure finished with textured paint, ensuring unmatched reliability through a higher impedance design. Maintenance and installation are streamlined with a removable hinged door that provides easy access to terminations.

Product Line HPS Fortress
Commercial Applications
HPS Titan
Industrial Applications
Typical Competitor
Single Phase Three Phase Single Phase Three Phase Three Phase
kVA Range 50VA to 37.5kVA 6 to 75kVA 50VA to 50kVA 6 to 150kVA 3 to 112.5kVA
Winding Material Aluminum Aluminum Copper Copper Aluminum and Copper
BIL Rating - 10 kV - 10 kV -
Enclosure Type Type 3R
Optional Type 4/12
Type 4
Optional 4X
Type 3R
Optional Type 4/12 and 4X
Type 4
Optional 4X
Type 3R
Enclosure Finish Powder coat Textured Paint Powder coat Textured Paint Powder coat or paint
Temperature Rise1 90°C, 135°C 135°C 80°C, 115°C 80°C, 95°C, 115°C 80°C,  115°C
Insulation System1 180°C 200°C 130°C, 180°C 130°C, 180°C 185°C
Ambient Temperature Rating 25°C 40°C 40°C 40°C, 50°C3 40°C
Grounding Lugs - Yes - Yes Yes
Electrostatic Shield Yes2 Yes Yes2 Yes Yes
Drain Valve - Yes - Yes -
Meets Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC, T3 Hazardous Locations - - Yes Yes Yes
ABS Marine Duty - - Yes Yes Yes
Seismic Rating - - Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 10 Year 10 Year 10 Year 10 Year 1 to 10 Years

1 Please refer to product brochures for applicable temperature rise corresponding to the insulation class
2Standard shield from 750VA and up
3Suitable for 50C ambient while maintaining T3C/T3A Temperature Classification

For Commercial Applications

HPS Fortress Series

Perfectly suited for general purpose applications where airborne contaminants, such as dust or debris, and moisture are present. The aluminum wound design makes it a cost effective encapsulated solution.

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For Industrial Applications

HPS Titan Series

Specifically designed for industrial and hazardous locations where airborne contaminants, moisture or flammable substances are present under abnormal conditions. Built to meet the rugged demands of Class 1, Div. 2, Group IIC, T3 (T3A/T3C) approvals, ensuring reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

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