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HPS offers a lineup of units that address a broad range of unique and specialty electrical applications.

HPS Buck Boost transformer 

Buck-Boost Transformers

HPS Universal™

The HPS Universal™ line of buck-boost transformers represent an economical way to both raise supply voltage caused by launch drop or equipment demand on the distribution system; or lower voltage caused by increased system voltages due to supply line adjustments.

Low Voltage Lighting transformer 

Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Transformer for Commercial Lighting Applications

A cost effective approach to supply low voltage for recreational, lighting, light duty industrial and pool and spa applications or for a general purpose load.

HPS Mini Power Center 

Mini Power Centers

HPS PowerPlus™

Convenient pre-wired power centers that saves you time, money, and space.

Three-Phase Autotransformers 


Three-Phase Autotransformers
For applications where voltage isolation is not necessary, but some level of voltage adjustment is required.
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