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    DOE 2016/NRCan 2019 Efficiency Flyer

    This flyer highlights the new DOE 2016/NRCan 2019 energy efficiency standard

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    HPS North American Capabilties Brochure

    This brochure outlines the many capabilities of HPS in North America.

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    HPS Energy Savings Analyzer Flyer

    Did you know that higher transformer energy savings are at your fingertips? Learn more with the HPS Transformer Savings Analyzer Online Tool.

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    Oil and Gas Capabilities Brochure

    This brochure outlines the HPS transformer products that are suitable for the Oil and Gas market.

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    Asian Capabilities Brochure

    Learn about our complete product offering and service capabilities in the Asian market.

  • Image with text in black and copper for available HPS E-Systems

    HPS E-Systems Brochure

    HPS offers many online tools to help you choose and configure the right HPS product for your application.

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    Drive Solutions Brochure

    This brochure highlights HPS transformer and reactor capabilities in the variable frequency drive market.

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    HPS Centurion R Brochure

    This brochure showcases the features and benefits of the HPS Centurion® R.

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    HPS Global Solutions Brochure

    HPS Global Solutions document is about the Global Solutions HPS offers its clients all over the world.

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    Renewable Energy Solutions Brochure

    This brochure showcases the HPS transformers and reactors that are suitable for a broad range of demanding renewable energy market applications.

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    Solar Energy Solutions Brochure

    This brochure highlights HPS' transformer and reactor capabilities in the solar industry.

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    Full Load Current Card

    This card is a very handy item for Electrical Contractors because it shows the different kVA inputs and what the Amperes calculate to be on the output.

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    HPS Millennium - Medium Voltage Catalog (DOE/NRCan Compliant)

    Features DOE 2016/NRCan 2019 compliant medium voltage distribution transformers.

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    EV Charging

    This brochure highlights HPS’s broad line of electric vehicle magnetic solutions.

  • HPS distribution transformer comparison flyer thumbnail

    HPS Distribution Transformers Comparison Flyer

    Compare HPS distribution transformers with those of our competitors.

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    HPS Marine Duty Solutions

    ABS type approved product lines to meet the unique marine applications.

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    HPS Toolbox Flyer

    HPS has many different tools to assist you with the selection of a HPS Transformer.

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