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White Papers

  • Comprehensive Study of dV/dT Filter for Motor Drive System with Long Cable Lead

    Authors: Haider Razak, Manish Saraf

    This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the issues and challenges of motor drive systems in industrial application with long cable lead. Moreover, it presents a simple and economical filtering solution to these challenges under different system parameters and operating conditions. The system parameters include cable length, cable size, cable type, and drive system size. The operating conditions include switching frequency, output operating frequency, and loading condition. The motor peak voltage, which is the main concern in such applications, is investigated along with the power dissipation of the filter.

  • Type 3RE Plus Enclosure Solution for Harsh Weather Conditions

    Author: Chinmay Shah

    A transformer enclosure is the cabinet or housing that covers the core and coil, serving to protect the transformer from environmental factors and safeguard personnel from the transformer itself. Enclosures are a crucial component in ensuring protection against various conditions. Our 3RE Plus enclosure plays a significant role in shielding the transformer from harsh weather conditions.

    The purpose of this document is to assist buyers in making informed decisions when choosing transformer enclosures for outdoor applications. This white paper covers industry standards related to outdoor enclosure ratings, common challenges in outdoor applications, and safeguards designed to enhance the transformer's protection against harsh conditions.

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