New HPS Sentinel Voltage Code

Posted: Jan 12,2015

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HPS is pleased to announce the availability of a new stocked HPS Sentinel voltage code product. We developed this product in response to the market demand for 480V Delta primary and 380V, 400V or 416V Y secondary standard transformers, to service applications where European voltage equipment requires urgent field installations.

The ability to serve our customers in applications where these specific voltages are required on a very short lead-time will provide further opportunities for a mutually profitable business increase with our valued partners.

The above mentioned Y output voltage code will be stocked shortly for our HPS Sentinel General Purpose transformers in the 15 to 112.5KVA range and will continue to be available for the rest of the HPS Sentinel and HPS Synergy product lines via e-Quotes.

If you have any questions on the new voltage code and how it may be used in your applications, please contact either HPS directly or our Representatives

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