Autotransformers with neutral connections now available in stock

Posted: Jan 6,2017

General News  

We’re pleased to announce that our new line of Autotransformers with neutral terminals is now available in stock. The new line uses the same part number structure but has a 3L0U suffix that indicates the neutral terminals are provided. The attached table shows the old vs. new part numbers and new UPC codes.

Autotransformers without neutrals continue to remain available and both options can be configured in our e-Quotes system.

The new Autotransformers provide our customers with a common (H0/ X0) neutral connection point that is connected by the factory to the middle point of the Y winding configuration.

When selecting this option special attention should be given to the neutral and grounding connections in compliance with the electrical codes in North America. HPS recommends that both the Line and Load side neutral cables must be connected to the respective neutral terminals in order to ensure the proper operation of the autotransformer. Furthermore the H0/X0 point should not be grounded locally to avoid a multiple ground situation.  Click here to learn more about connecting the neutral and grounding.

When installing the autotransformer please refer to the local electrical code requirements for grounding and short circuit protection of a three phase autotransformer and if necessary review your specific application with the local inspection agency.

Typical Wiring diagram:

Autotransformer wiring diagram

Old to New Autotransformer Part Numbers and New UPC codes:

kVA Old PN New PN UPC Code
3 Y003PKCB Y003PKCB3L0U 803423137601
6 Y006PKCB Y006PKCB3L0U 803423137618
9 Y009PKCB Y009PKCB3L0U 803423137625
15 Y015PKCB Y015PKCB3L0U 803423136505
30 Y030PKCF Y030PKCF3L0U 803423136437
45 Y045PKCN Y045PKCN3L0U 803423137632
75 Y075PKCN Y075PKCN3L0U 803423137649
112.5 Y112PKC Y112PKCH3L0U 803423137175
150 Y150PKC Y150PKCH3L0U 803423137656
225 Y225PKC Y225PKCH3L0U 803423137663
300 Y300PKC Y300PKCH3L0U 803423137670
500 Y500PKC Y500PKCH3L0U 803423137687
3 Y003CECB Y003CECB3L0U 803423136895
6 Y006CECB Y006CECB3L0U 803423137694
9 Y009CECB Y009CECB3L0U 803423136888
15 Y015CECB Y015CECB3L0U 803423137700
30 Y030CECF Y030CECF3L0U 803423137717
45 Y045CECF Y045CECF3L0U 803423136871
75 Y075CECN Y075CECN3L0U 803423137724
3 Y003QTCB Y003QTCB3L0U 803423137731
6 Y006QTCB Y006QTCB3L0U 803423137748
9 Y009QTCF Y009QTCF3L0U 803423137755
15 Y015QTCF Y015QTCF3L0U 803423137762
30 Y030QTCN Y030QTCN3L0U 803423137779
45 Y045QTC Y045QTCH3L0U 803423137786
75 Y075QTC Y075QTCH3L0U 803423136987
112.5 Y112QTC Y112QTCH3L0U 803423137793
150 Y150QTC Y150QTCH3L0U 803423121839
225 Y225QTC Y225QTCH3L0U 803423121822
300 Y300QTC Y300QTCH3L0U 803423137809
500 Y500QTC Y500QTCH3L0U 803423137168