New Single Phase DOE Transformers Launch for US Market

Posted: May 30,2017

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of our improved single phase DOE product offer – Sentinel G3 1PH.

This new single phase product line offers the same innovative design and technological improvements as our three phase DOE offer, including 10kV BIL, OHSPD seismic rating, etc. The new G3 1PH designs are also compliant to DOE 2016 energy efficiency requirements in the United States. Pricing remains the same, but some dimensions may vary slightly from the SG2 product line.

The new Sentinel G3 1PH product line will be available for sale on June 19 and will be replacing the current Sentinel G2 product line that was launched late 2015.

In support of this product transition, the new product information will become available on June 1st and will include a revised HPS Sentinel Energy Efficient product catalog, product drawings and wiring diagrams.

The old Sentinel SG2 single phase offer will become obsolete as of July 31st 2017.

HPS will attempt to service orders for SG2 products up to the end of June; however, component availability and stock conversion to SG3 will limit the extent to which we can accommodate requests for SG2 items.

After the June 19th launch date we will work with our customers to convert the Sentinel G2 part numbers to the equivalent Sentinel G3 as the old inventory becomes depleted.

We thank you for your business and support during this product transition.