HPS Unveils New Power Quality Lab

Posted: Sep 16,2022

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PQ Lab equipment and observation roomHPS has announced the opening of their new HPS Power Quality Lab. Located at their headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, the PQ lab allows HPS to demonstrate their wide range of power quality products through real-time testing.

The lab will primarily be used to host consultants, distributor specialists, partners and end users who want to experience the breadth and capabilities of HPS power quality products firsthand. It will also allow HPS Engineers to test new concepts and carry out qualification testing on new products.

“We built the PQ lab as a showcase for our power quality products. Through acquisitions, partnerships and internal design efforts, we have built a substantial suite of products to address common power quality issues”, stated Robert Ellis, Senior Power Quality Application Engineer at Hammond Power Solutions. “It is a way for us to engage with technical personnel and decision makers to further the market penetration of our products.”

Customers can experience real-time testing and demonstration of line side power quality products such as transformers, line reactors, active harmonic filters and passive harmonic filters, as well as load side products such as load reactors and various types of dV/dT filters with various cable lengths. Customers can request to bring other types of VFDs that are not already installed in the lab to test HPS power quality products on.

A typical session is roughly an hour in length and can include a tour of the Guelph plant. Customers can request a time slot beginning in October by contacting their local HPS representative or Regional Sales Manager.

Learn more about the HPS Power Quality Lab here.