HPS wins Rockwell Automation Technology Partner Innovation Award

Posted: Apr 10,2024

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smiling hps team accepts rockwell automation innovation awardHammond Power Solutions and Mesta Electronics have been awarded the Rockwell Automation Technology Partner Innovation Award for their outstanding work on the City of North Bend - Wastewater Treatment Plant project. This collaboration underlines the essence of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in tackling modern infrastructure projects.

The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Technology Innovation Awards honor the achievements of organizations that have successfully planned and executed innovative and transformational solutions in one or multiple areas of their business through the application of Rockwell Automation and other partners’ digital and disruptive technologies.

This project involved the partnership with an industry leading Rockwell Automation Distributor and Wastewater system Integrator.  It is a remarkable example of how collaboration between various partners of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork can work together to provide the optimal solution for the customer.

City of North Bend - Wastewater Treatment Plant project

The City of North Bend, like most municipalities, is required to meet IEEE-519 recommendations of putting less than 5% total harmonic distortion back on the grid from the equipment in their facilities. This wastewater treatment facility had over 400 HP of VFD load and needed a plan for harmonic mitigation.

Central to the project's success were HPS TruWave Active Harmonic Filters (AHFs), which offered an efficient solution to alleviate harmonics, minimize voltage fluctuations associated with processes, and enhance the operational lifespan and capacity of equipment within the system.

The project has positioned the City of North Bend's Wastewater Treatment Plant as a model of energy efficiency and fiscal responsibility within municipal operations. The use of active harmonic filters facilitated a reduction in harmonic mitigation equipment costs by over 40%, alongside substantial space savings in the electrical room. These improvements not only ensure compliance with IEEE 519 requirements but also enhance the facility's operational efficiency and cost savings.

The implementation of HPS active harmonic filters at the wastewater treatment plant helps mitigate the risk of environmental pollution. By controlling harmonic levels and ensuring the stability of the electrical infrastructure, the project helps safeguard against system disruptions or shutdowns that could lead to environmental harm.