What is an active harmonic filter?

Due to the increasing usage of non-linear loads such as VFDs, harmonics are being introduced into the power grid which is contributing to poor power quality and leads to overheating of equipment and nuisance faults. Active Harmonic Filters are parallel devices that are used to mitigate harmonics to the levels defined by IEEE-519.

HPS TruWave AHF utilizes high frequency current sensors to continuously monitor the load and harmonic currents. By utilizing highly sophisticated software and a powerful DSP microcomputer, the system is able to instantaneously inject a corrective current from its IGBT based inverter to dramatically reduce harmonic distortion. The corrective current is equal to but 180 degrees out of phase with the existing harmonic currents to cancel their effect.

Active filters work on the same principle s as noise cancelling head phones except they cancel harmonic currents and reduce distortion.