Did the DOE 2016 and NRCan 2019 efficiency regulations result in product brand changes for HPS?

The obsolete HPS TP1/C802.2 rated Sentinel, Synergy, Centurion and Express lines were still available in the Canadian until the NRCan 2019 efficiency levels (same as DOE 2016) were mandated. In addition the older medium voltage Millennium line was still available in Canada until NRCan 2019 May 1st, 2019.

The older lines were replaced with DOE 2016 and NRCan 2019 compliant low voltage Sentinal G (general purpose), Sentinel K (K rated), Sentinel H (harmonic mitigation) Express G and Tribune E (DIT, Canada only) product lines. In addition the medium voltage Millennium G, Millennium E and EnduraCoil lines also meet the updated DOE 2016 and NRCan 2019 efficiency levels. While exempt from regulations, the Titan N encapsulated transformers often meet or exceed the DOE 2016 and NRCan 2019 regulations.