What is Mexico’s NMX 2021 transformer efficiency standard?

NMX is a common term used to refer to Mexican non-mandatory standards. The Secretariat of Economy, Mexico, released the new standard NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 on February 11, 2022. This standard establishes general safety requirements, specifications and test methods for LV and MV distribution transformers and replaces NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2016. The new efficiency levels are expected to reduce energy losses by an average of 18% in low voltage dry-type transformers and 13% for medium voltage dry-type transformers over current efficiency levels. As of August 10, 2022, the country's residential, commercial and industrial applications may comply with its specifications and safety requirements. HPS will be referring to the NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 standard as NMX 2021.