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Does HPS build network transformers?

Network Transformers typically range from 300 kVA to 2,500 kVA three-phase. The Primary voltage ranges from 2400 VAC to 34,500 VAC and the secondary from 600VAC to 208 VAC. The type may be oil, dry (VPI) or cast-coil. The primary is usually delta connected, and the secondary is wye connected. The high-voltage connection is usually to a network switch or an interrupter-type switch. The secondary connection is usually to a network protector or a low-voltage air circuit breaker.

HPS can provide both VPI and Cast Coil Secondary Unit Network Transformers. There is a type of Network transformer often called a subway type. This is installed in a vault and used in areas where they are occasionally or frequently submerged in water, HPS does not currently offer this type of system.

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