What is the lowest temperature transformers can be stored in?

Dry-type transformers with the exception of Cast Coil (HPS Endura Coil) can be stored to temperatures of -50 degrees C. Cast Coil Transformers can only be stored to temperatures of -20C. If a standard cast coil transformer is stored below -20C, the epoxy coils can crack. Transformers which are energized before 0C can be run in ambient temperatures to -40C.

There are two main concerns with low temperatures occuring during storage when the units are not energized. Energized transformers have load and no-load losses which will keep the core and coils operational to -40C:

  • Contraction and Expansion of the core and coil during low temperatures can crack or damage the insulation.
  • Cold temperatures can cause condensation to form on the transformer which can result in short circuits and insulation damage.

The minimum ambient temperature designed for is -40C based on the Environment Canada data Extreme Minimum Temperatures for Wiarton, ON (-36.4C on 18-Jan-1977) and Lucknow, ON (-36.7C on 05-Feb-1918). If the temperature of a transformer’s core and coil is below -25C (typically during unenergized storage), please consult HPS for the cold start procedure before any energization. If the temperature of a transformer is below 0C, please follow the HPS Cold Start Procedure. It is recommended that the transformer be meggered to make sure it has a minimum value of 100 Megaohm before energization after storage.