Corrosion Damage

Corrosion can damaged the transformers enclosure, core and coils. This can be a consistent problem in corrosive areas such as marine and waste water treatment.

Check: Solution:
Check for enclosure and mounting hardware corrosion. Replace corroded parts. In some cases they may need to be replaced with stainless steel or other types of protected parts. Enclosures can be ordered in various grades of stainless steel or with plated base mounting brackets.
Core steel is corroded. In some cases, light corrosion may not severely damage the core function although a more pressing concern may be conductive rust settling on the coils and causing dielectric problems. In severe cases the core may need to be replaced. Epoxy can be applied at the factory to protect the core from corrosion. Transformers that overheat and damage the insulation are more susceptible to corrosion.
Coil and conductor corrosion. Protectants such as No-LOX grease may be applied to exposed parts. Only remove insulation from the taps that need to be used. Keep all connections tight. Utilize copper coils when possible. Epoxy coatings (VPE) or encapsulated (potted) transformers can be used.