Get More & Save Time with HPS Distribution Transformers

HPS Distribution transformers offer more pre-installed standard features.

  • Less extra parts to buy
  • Less time & labor cost to install

HPS Transformers with labelled benefits including standard type 3r enclosures and pre-installed lugs

HPS Standard Features:

  • Type 3R enclosures
  • Integrated wall mounting brackets (up to 1000lbs.)*
  • Factory installed primary, secondary and neutral lugs (up to 271A)*
  • Expanded neutral bar for multiple neutral connections
  • Factory installed main grounding lugs
  • Removable lugs provide for easy field lug size changes or repairs
  • Separate HV and LV terminal boards for easy cable installation
  • All taps individually labelled for easy installation
  • Conduit knockouts (up to 225kVA)*
  • Bottom cable entry area
  • Outward facing base mounting holes for quick and easy installation
  • Captive pem-nuts for reliable and easy removal of front/back panels
  • 10kV BIL on all 3 phase LV distribution transformers
  • Dual UL and CSA certification
  • Industry leading reliability

*please consult HPS for details

Compare the installation time and total savings when you buy HPS

HPS* Typical Competitor’s Additional Material and Labor Costs Typical Competitor’s Additional Labor Time
Primary and Secondary Lugs Free up to 271 amp $25 to $100 30 min
Drip Shield Standard $50 to $200 15 to 30 min.
Knock-Outs Free up to 225 kVA $45 to $75 20 min.
Wall Mounting Brackets Free up to 45 kVA $50 to $150 15 to 30 min.
Base Mounting Holes Pointed Outward 75 kVA and up $10 to $50 5 to 15 min.
Total Costs $0 $205 to $675 115 to 155 min.

*kVA ranges are for standard 150°C rise general purpose transformers. Please refer to the HPS Distribution Product page or HPS E-Quotes for other products. Costs are in USD and estimates may vary.

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