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The renewable energy generation market has grown remarkably in the past decade, and it is an expanding part of HPS’s product development focus.

The renewable energy market involves solar and wind power as well as geothermal generation. HPS provides magnetics solutions for net-zero and carbon neutral projects. HPS delivers quality products to OEMs and Energy operators on a worldwide basis. 

HPS Products for Renewable Energy Applications

Low Voltage transformers for Energy Storage

HPS Solar Duty Transformers

HPS offers HPS Sentinel Solar Duty transformers for the renewable energy industry. These transformers are available for applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between solar generation system and the utility service.  HPS Sentinel solar duty transformers are intended for bi-directional use in utility-interactive generation systems where power may flow to or from the grid. Learn More

Air Core reactor for Renewables and Solar

Neutral Grounding Reactors

HPS offers neutral grounding reactors which are  used for low impedance grounding of a neutral point of 3 phase systems to control single line to ground faults. It is connected to the neutral of a transformer for protection. Neutral grounding reactors are widely used in solar power applications. Learn More

Grounding Transformer for Renewables and Solar

Grounding Transformers

HPS offers grounding transformers that are an important component to many renewable energy sites and are often required by the utility.  Grounding transformers provide a low impedance path to ground to keep the system’s neutral at or near ground level. This provides several benefits including providing a ground fault path during line to ground faults, limiting the size of transient voltages and allowing the connection of phase to neutral loads. Learn More

Electric Vehicle Charging transformers

Electric Vehicle Charging

HPS offers transformers for electric vehicle charging which are increasingly being used to power electric vehicle charging stations. Several considerations need to be made when integrating transformers and electric vehicle chargers. Electric vehicle chargers act as non-linear loads to the power grid which causes current and voltage harmonics and distortion. These harmonics make the proper selection of a transformer critical to the proper operation of both the transformer and the overall system. Learn More

Utility Scale Solar Transformers from HPS

Utility Scale Solar Transformers

Grid tie transformers are typically used for utility scale solar plants where an inverter converts the DC power generated through PV panels to AC power. The AC power voltage needs to be stepped up to a higher voltage to feed back to the power grid to be distributed and generate revenue. HPS can provide unique transformer solutions for solar grid tie applications with both dry type Cast Resin and VPI transformer technologies.